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Department of Social Development is the smallest of all departments of Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies. Composition of provided courses is in accordance with vocational qualification of department staff members. Staff members are specialized in the fields of social and behavioral sciences (sociology, psychology, social pedagogy, political sciences). More specifically, it provides courses of Sociology, Regional Sociology, Social Psychology, Managerial Psychology, Intercultural Psychology and Political sciences, all in both Czech and English.

The above mentioned courses are integrated in both study programmes -- Regional Development and International Territorial studies - and are mostly obligatory for the students. The teaching mission of these courses is not only humanisation of study programmes at Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, but primarily fulfilment of so called "social pillar of regional and sustainable development".

Department staff members are, apart of their teaching activities, focused mainly on problematics of socially-psychological phenomenons related to personal profiles of leaders and managers; psychology and sociology of small social groups (work teams, groups of interest, political movements, corporations and public institutions); current issues of intercultural psychology; criminality and other social pathologies; criminology and political sciences (with accent on regional and communal politics).

The long term focus of research, pedagogical and publication activities of the department is also on the topic of capital potencial of various subjects within the scope of regional and agricultural economics and policy; and economical development and inovations of social networks.

Department staff members cooperate with their colleagues from Department of Regional Development and Public Administration and from Department of Regional and Business Economics.

PhDr. Helena Pavlíčková

Head of department